Our New Community Newspaper is Born

The premier issue of our community newspaper — The Kensington – Cedar Cottage Neighbour — has rolled off the presses at last, and by now should have landed in your mailbox, courtesy of Canada Post. It’s a beautiful & informative creation with lots of great articles, so look for it — hopefully you haven’t discarded it as “just more xmas junkmail.”
In future, The Neighbour will serve as a vehicle to keep you informed about news and events in our part of East Van. (KCC covers the area bordered by 41st on the south, Nanaimo on the east, Broadway & 16th on the north, and Fraser on the west.) The paper welcomes submissions….look for a piece on “Life in Mountain View” in the next issue.
If you missed the premiere issue, you might also find the paper in some of the stores, businesses and community centres in KCC, and it’s available digitally at

Written by Mike Klassen