Triage Centre Decision for 40th & Fraser

The following is the motion passed by City Council in Dec. 2004:

1. DE408451: 5616 Fraser Street (Triage Special Needs Residential Facility)

On December 7 and 8, 2004, Council heard delegations on DE408451: 5616 Fraser Street (Triage Special Needs Residential Facility) and postponed its discussion and decision on the Administrative Report DE408451: 5616 Fraser Street (Triage Special Needs Residential Facility) dated November 19, 2004, to the Regular Council meeting on December 14, 2004.

MOVED by Councillor Roberts

A. THAT City Council advise the Development Permit Board that it supports approval of DE408451 for 5616 Fraser Street, to permit the construction of a 30 residential unit Special Needs Residential Facility for individuals with mental illnesses and in recovery from previous alcohol or drug addictions (reduced from 39 units in the initial application), with the following requirements:

* Development of an operational management plan, with the following elements:

o Provision of two staff on all shifts, seven days a week, for at least one year from the date of occupancy; o Protocols for security and monitoring of security issues related to the facility; o Protocols to ensure an alcohol and drug free environment and the prohibition of the use of alcohol and drugs by residents on and off the premises; and o Protocols for the annual monitoring and reporting of outcomes and performance results associated with the services both Triage and VCHA provide to the satisfaction of the Directors of the Housing Centre and Social Planning.

* Establishment of a Community Advisory Committee involving regular meetings of representatives of Triage Emergency Services and Care Society, VCHA, neighbouring businesses, property owners and residents, and City staff when needed;

* Identification by Triage of a community liaison contact who will work with the community to resolve day-to-day problems if they arise;

* Establishment of 24 hour emergency contacts; and

* Triage establishing a liaison with the local community policing operations.

B. THAT Council support the establishment of a Neighbourhood Forum to discuss and determine appropriate action to deal with neighbourhood concerns, such as crime and safety, neighbourhood liveability, and revitalization of the business district. Representatives of the Vancouver School Board, John Oliver and Mackenzie Parent Advisory Committees, the Vancouver Park Board, the South Vancouver Community Safety Office, the Fraser Street Merchants Association, and the Vancouver Police Department would be invited to attend. The Neighbourhood Forum is to be chaired by Councillor Roberts.

C. THAT, in preparation for the Fraser Street Neighbourhood Forum, staff will prepare background papers that include social and economic indictors of community health to help in the identification of community needs.

D. THAT staff report back on the plan devised for future placement of supported housing facilities across the city; and an effective educational and notification strategy for future projects that includes communication in first languages and wide consultation with neighbourhood groups.


Written by Mike Klassen