Emergency Preparedness

In light of the tragedy in Asia on Dec 26th, please remember to check your disaster preparedness kits. We live near as large a fault as the one in the indian ocean, so a magnitude 9.0 quake can happen here too. Fresh water, food for 3 days, warm clothes, candles and flash lights are a good start. Check with the city website for information about NEPP, take the FREE course the city gives, and get prepared! If there is enough interest, we can put on our own disaster preparedness workshop.

Written by Mike Klassen


Peter Eller

way to go Lionel!
we made earth quake prepared kits for several family members this christmas
we added most of the essentials: leather gloves, wind-up radio, first aid items, a bottle wine and candles and a check list to complete the kit all in a rubber maid rough neck bin

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