Mountain View Community Meeting, Feb. 12th

Minutes of meeting

February 12, 2005, 10AM, Colchi’s – 27th & Fraser

Present: Mike, Sharole, Satminder, Joshun & Serena, Tom, Niki, Stan Ruth Morton Church), Bryan & Janet, Terry, Alain and Jackie.

The meeting got started at 10:12 and Mike chaired until 10:50 when he had to leave.

Promoting the Website: The website is up and running. Lionel is providing leadership and he and Tom have been instructed how to enter information. They are looking for content, foot patrol meeting dates, upcoming projects, etc.

Mike would like to dole out big kid chalk and have people print the website address on the sidewalks.

Sharole has created a website address stencil for the bulletin boards with the hopes that this will get more people involved.

Email List: by promoting the website we will also promote the email list. Alain is the person who is in charge of adding new people to the email list(s.) When someone indicates they want to be on the list he asks if they are willing to be on the “small” (or organizing) list; if not they are put on the “big” list.

Question: joining the two lists or leave the way it is. The small list is a chatty list and if we were to combine the lists we would lose people who only want a limited number of emails.

Decision: Urgent matters should go to both lists when necessary but otherwise send out a monthly email to the big list that pertains to specific items. Ultimately we want to build community. Include upcoming/ongoing projects to encourage people to get involved in the work load. Tom has volunteered to do the monthly email message to the big group.

Agreed: Keep small and big list status, monthly email to big list, chalk writing campaign in the spring.

Old Country Lane – Sharole is still working with the City, needs dirt down the middle and on the sides (to be rolled-to compact it) and seeded – work party (date to be posted – flyers.) Mike says the residents need to be educated about how to drive on the surface, encouraging sensitivity regarding the middle section. Note: Sande & Jay still have the “community” cement roller.

Litter & Graffiti – Mike has paint and supplies for paint-over, he just needs to be contacted in order to arrange for the paint to be put out by his garage door. Joshun & Serena Dulai are looking for community hours. As a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ incentive we could help Tupper with their memorial garden.

Sharole – get hold of the Principal of Tupper School and get a list of students who need community hours and who might be interested in a neighbourhood cleanup, etc.

Mike commented that we don’t want to get lazy about our responsibility as residents of the neighbourhood if we reach out to the students.

Mike – call Brian Leonard with the City. Sharole will get the direct complaint website address for businesses. Get another hand out of Don’t Litter brochures and the consequences.

**We need someone to talk to the businesses about cleaning up their own litter. Businesses should contribute in some way to our outreach faciliators. We also need to get the word out to the neighbourhood about daily/weekly litter cleanup.

Agreed: Buy a bucket of wildflower seeds and sprinkle them in the old (empty) Chevron site at SE corner of King Ed & Fraser.

Keep Vancouver Spectacular – May 28th, 2005, 9AM to 12PM, meet at Ruth Morton Church, 27th & Pr. Albert. Jeannie – to arrange time with City organizer.

Mini-KVS – March 12th, from 9AM-12PM, Fraser Street from 25th to 31st and the two lanes one block East and West of Fraser. Mike to approach Rona Revy about heavy duty bags. We need volunteers who bring their own brooms, dust pans, shovels, gloves (in case Mike is unsuccessful) and rakes. Bags should only be filled to where YOU can lift them. Hopefully we can arrange for someone with a truck who will pick up the bags on each corner and deposit them at one location for pickup by the City.

Sharole took over the position of Chair.

BannersTime is a major factor in this project. The banners are over three years old and we already have an extension. The intent is to develop a proposal and approach the local insurance companies to see if they will sponsor the banners that will also include road safety and auto plan logos, along with our own Mountainview. Sharole has already started some of the process. She has contacted Paul Goodman and June Mavatang who is very helpful and she has a sample autoplan broker letter. We want to avoid having to pay a take down fee and a put up fee, instead if the old ones can come down and the new ones go up at the same time we pay the one installation fee. We may have to go up to 33rd this time because one of the insurance companies is at 33rd but we may be able to save money by only doing the East side of Fraser from 33rd to 31st. Agreed: we will sell or auction off the old banners to offset the cost. Need to get out the word about this/posters?

Possibly when the businesses are approached to buy their specific banner they could either buy it or contribute to a new banner and “their” old banner could be given to them. They must be informed that their business name cannot be on a banner.

Niki will take over this project, assisted by Sharole.

Ruth Morton Church – Stan Hislop informed us that there is a desire on the part of the church people to get involved with the neighbourhood. They would be willing to put out refreshments at our events (Keep Vancouver Spectacular.)

Benches – Mountainview through a small grant purchased four benches to be installed along Pr. Albert Street. The first was installed at the SW corner of 30th and was stolen. The next one at this location will be installed in cement. There are still two and if you’d like one please contact Jackie who is storing them.

Foot Patrol – about 9-10 people have been through the training and have paid to be volunteers. A report on the Feb. 11th walk will be emailed by Bryan & Janet. There’s a proper pedestrian light at 29th & Fraser. The next dates are Feb. 23, Mar. 7 and Mar. 25. Walks will be more frequent as the weather warms and we, hopefully, get more people involved.

Mosaic Project – the mosaic patterns are ready to go, just waiting for good weather for installation. We need to clean up the two recessed areas at 27th and lay, let dry and grout. When done Sharole will contact the politicians for their photo shoot. Sharole will arrange for food and drinks. There is some money left over (that has to be used for a mosaic project) and if we can convince one of the businesses to let us mosaic Mountainview on the side of their building that might be a suggestion.

New Business – the wood curbing at the north side of the lane closest to Pr. Albert Street on 28th Avenue needs to be fixed.

Sharole reports that Sandy James has brought a number of people to view the Old Country Lane and people from New York want to return and wonders if we would be interested in making a presentation.

There’s also a filming request that would show us in the process of a project.

Tupper school wants to base their memorial way on the Old Country Lane and they want to do a banner project (mutual back rubbing.) Principal, Jennifer Palmer and Vice-Principal, Marie Taddy.

Niki is organizing a dog poop project at her child’s school and wonders when she sees how it works there if we would be interested in the process in our neighbourhood – absolutely.

Better Business – with RAV going in on Cambie maybe some of those businesses would like to move over to Fraser.

Mike – contact RAV re: Cambie Merchants contact. Is there a Cambie Better Businessmen’s Association?

Sharole – will contact Peter Voisbord, Business Improvement Area Manager.

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP) – Lionel has offered to train us for free and if he could put out a couple of dates then people could choose what would work for them. We could approach Ruth Morton about a meeting place. If the dates suggested by Lionel don’t work for some people they could go to and to a link that lists days and locations.

City Planners – Sharole is attending a City Planners meeting on February 26th – forward any input or questions to Sharole.

Alain to email a “to do” list from items found in the minutes.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30AM

Next meeting Saturday, April 16th, 10AM start at Colchi’s.


Written by Mike Klassen