Mountain View Neighbourhood Website Updated!

First launched in 2004 (!) has tried to keep our community updated on important news and events affecting our neighbourhood. The site hosting and domain registration has been donated since that time at no cost. Devoting time to these projects is always challenging, and it really helps to have volunteers who can provide additional info that would be an interest to all of us.

Our Facebook group has been fantastically successful in attracting hundreds of users. Our Twitter account has a small number of followers but continues to keep our bulletins out there.

Updating has been a long time goal and we have finally completed it! Now running under a user-friendly WordPress platform, and easily read on all devices including smart phones, we hope to keep the community up to date.

Your help is welcomed in this regard. If you wish to update the community about a non-commercial event – such as a school fund drive, outdoor concert, community barbecue, or new business opening in the area – we welcome new contributors. You just need to know the basics about WordPress, and have text and an image to upload at the ready. If you are a member of the community and want to post on, we would love to hear from you.

Email subscribe [at] and we will get back to you.

Thanks for visiting and supporting our community!

Written by Mike Klassen