Free coffee Saturday! A community bulletin board gets a new home


Come to the new Prado Cafe Fraser (SE corner, East 26th & Fraser) 11am – 1pm on Saturday, November 21st, mention you are from the Mountain View neighbourhood and you’ll get a voucher for a free coffee (or latte) & something to nibble. It will be while supplies last.

IMG_3632ACROSS THE STREET (26th & Fraser, 700-block) one of our 3 Mountain View bulletin boards is getting a new home! These community building structures have been in our neighbourhood for 14 years. They are maintained by people in the community – they are great for bringing our community together and keeping people informed.

When you come to Prado Cafe, take a quick visit to the newly painted bulletin board and have a look—heck, take a selfie in front of it and share it!

IMG_3634We are mighty proud of our community and all the work we do to support it. Please come out and have a free coffee and say hi to your neighbours! If you Instagram or tweet please tag it #FraserSt.

The photos show our other board at 28th, and the posts set in concrete today for the new location! It will look great on Saturday — big shout out to Sharole for painting it (and Mike for setting the posts and all the other stuff).

Thank you to the Neighbourhood Small Grants for providing support for our little community celebration. Don’t forget to follow our community on Twitter @VanMountainView, and if you are a Facebook user join our group —

Written by Mike Klassen