Welcome to The Eastwood: Fraser Street’s newest (and only) liquor primary establishment

What a delight to see some of the changes happening over the years on Fraser Street. Now, right in the heart of our neighbourhood, comes a new business on 4200-block Fraser Street that has been taking shape for many months. We have watched the young gents through the cracks in the paper that once covered the windows, or when a viewing was possible for passersby through an open doorway.

Amazingly, “The Eastwood” is the only watering hole along the entire stretch of one of Vancouver’s oldest and most storied streets. There are several fine businesses, and today restaurants and coffee shops abound. But not a place where one could meet with friends to have a pint of beer or a glass of local wine.

Today on Instagram the guys are telling us that we’re only one day away from the grand opening.

Welcome to The Eastwood from all of us in Vancouver Mountain View and the Fraserhood.

Written by Mike Klassen